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Accessories | Dance floor

Our standard dance floors are black, parquet and black and white chequered. We also have partners we work closely with to provide stunning LED pea lit dance floors in black or white as well as LED disco dance floors with changing colours. Our aim is to be a one stop shop for you so that you only have to rely on one supplier to meet all your requirements.

Dance floors can be placed directly onto an existing flat surface. The flatter the surface, the better the rigidity of the floor. On grass, if there is some undulation, we can lay a wooden under-floor to provide a more solid base.

We use a formula to work out the size of dance floor our clients require. We take the number of guests and work on 25% of that number multiplied by square metres. Thus, if you have 100 guests, we would suggest a dance floor of 25sq/m. One square metre fits two people dancing (roughly) so the size of the dance floor should be able to accommodate half your guests dancing at any one time. For parties predominantly for younger people, you might want to increase the size slightly.

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