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Accessories | External lighting

External lighting of both surrounding buildings and the natural setting can often set the scene for an event creating attractive backdrops to the marquee as well as serving to light such features as a walkway or outdoor seated areas. We can offer a range of different options:

External floods
in white or coloured lighting, floods are ideal in lighting up features such as buildings or large trees and shrubbery.

T pole lighting
T poles provide above head lighting that can create a striking lighting effect when used to guide guests to and from the marquee or dotted around the grounds of an event. Coloured lights and paper lanterns can be added for further effect.

Ground spike lighting
This is ideal when wanting to delineate a pathway for guests to and from the marquee or directional low level lighting for shrubs and plants

P lighting
Nets of white or coloured lights can be placed over hedges or large shrubs

Light boxes
Light boxes are a simple three-way solution in a party enrinment. They can act as poseur tables, be a source of light and can be programmed to change colour if you are wanting a disco lighting effect.

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