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Accessories | Marquee walling and door systems

PVC walls
These are white fire retardant covers, which come either as one piece or laced in the middle so they can be drawn open like a curtain, allowing entrance and exit points into the marquee.

Hard walling
These comprise of 3m high white PVCu insulated panels that lock into upright channels creating a solid walling system to fit our 15m and 20 m wide marquees. They have a good level of insulation and provide a corporate look to the marquee.

PVC window walls
Window walls can transform the feel of a marquee allowing guests the opportunity to enjoy the natural setting of the venue. We offer panoramic window walls at a small surcharge.

Glazed window walls
Solid glazed window sections create a high quality semi permanent building finish to the marquee and providing a high level of insulation compared to PVC window walls.

Door systems
Each wall section of a marquee can be opened up to form an opening. Alternatively. a glazed door system can create an formal entrance for the marquee. Such a system is particularly beneficial in the cold weather when heat retention is important.

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