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Advice | Marquee Structure

Our marquee structures range from 3m to 20m wide and can be extended in length by increments of 3m (for marquees up to 12m in width) and by 5m (for our 15m and 20m wide marquee).

The side walls are 2.3m in height for marquees up to 12m in width and 3m in height for our 15 and 20m marquees, the latter giving a particularly spacious feeling inside the marquee.

We also offer a range of Oriental canopies that come in three sizes; 3m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m, which provide attractive reception and entrance marquees or stand-alone canopies. In addition we can provide covered walkways that provide shelter for marquee access in inclement weather.

All our marquees have clear spans meaning that there are no internal poles or external guy ropes. They comply with all health and safety requirements.

Our marquees can be linked together to create different configurations, eg U-shape, T-shape, to reflect the event requirements and maximize the space of the site.


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