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Advice | Planning Your Event

Marquee events come in all shapes and sizes from product launches, wedding receptions, to school balls. Understanding the event and its format is vital. Here is a checklist of some of the questions that need to be considered to ensure the right facilities are provided to create a successful event. When speaking to you we would go through many of these questions providing advice and guidance where necessary.

A. Event Format

  • How many guests are you anticipating, will they all be arriving at a specified time, at different times or a continuous flow (come and go such as a public event)?
  • Do guests need to be under cover either from their point of arrival to the marquee or from a building to the marquee?
  • When guests first arrive do you want them to enter the main marquee straight away or first gather in a reception area? Is this to be outside or inside?
  • In colder months where will guests put their coats? Often a forgotten factor.
  • Is the event to be seated, standing, or a combination of both?
  • Where food is served will it be waitress service or buffet?
  • Are you considering a bar and or a lounge chill out area?
  • Is there to be entertainment during the event? DJ, live entertainers (i.e. musicians, dancers) Are you seeking to have a dance floor and stage?
  • Are there are to be Audio Visual presentations, and or display areas.
  • Do you require a catering /service marquee? Will it be used for food preparation and cooking and or just for plating up and for clearing?
  • Are you considering any other ancillary marquee, i.e an entrance canopy, or annex/ bar marquee? Do you want these attached to the main marquee or stand alone?

B. Decoration

The second stage is to determine the look and finishes you require for your event. There are nine areas of consideration. For further details click on the links below that will take you to the relevant accessories page.

  1. External appearance
    What style of marquee walling do you require (pvc solid, pvc windows, glazed or open sided)? Do you wish to have formal entrance doors or simply pull back a section of PVC walling?
  2. Lining the ceiling and walls
    The initial question is do you wish to have the marquee lined or unlined? An unlined marquee leaves the aluminium metal work, pvc roof and walls exposed, providing a basic look to the marquee. A lined marquee transforms the internal appearance of the marquee. There are a number of different lining styles available.
  3. Flooring options
    There are four options: no flooring leaving the natural surface exposed, a carpet laid over protective sheeting, an interlocking timber under floor with carpet finish and a structural steel framed wooden floor with a carpet finish.
  4. Lighting options
    We offer a range of lighting from chandeliers to programmable LED lighting.
  5. Furniture requirements
    There is a range of furniture avialable from banqueting tables and chairs to chill out furniture.
  6. Ancillary facilities
    Bars, dance floors, staging, display boards and audio visual, screening. 
  7. Heating and comfort cooling
    There are thermostatically controlled heating and cooling options available for any marquee.
  8. Stand-out features
    Themed props, flowers and foliage and entrance features can dramatically transform the appearance of the marquee both inside and out.
  9. External features
    Lighting, signage, entrance features, outside furniture, fencing (security/decorative)

Other factors to consider are:

C. Power requirements
A critical factor to the success of any event is determining the electrical power requirements for the event (lighting, heating, catering, toilets, sound systems, DJ, visual presentations, etc). By liaising with the different event contractors to identify the overall power requirements, we can determine whether the site supply is sufficient. If not we can provide a generator.

D. Toilets
If required, what type of toilets do you wish to consider, and where is the best position for them to be sited.