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Securing marquees
Marquees can be positioned on grass, timber decking and hard surfaces (eg car parks, garden patios) or any combination of these.

On grass, marquees are staked. On hard surfaces, marquees are weighted down using water barrels, concrete weights or bolts. Any underground cables or pipes should be clearly identified prior to installation.

Marquee size
When considering what size marquee may fit within the site, you should remember that in terms of width our marquee sizes are 3m, 4.5m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 15m, and 20m. They can be extended in length in multiples of 3m for marquees up to 12m in width and by multiples of 5m for our 15m and 20m marquees.

Wrapping round buildings or trees
Do not despair if your site goes round corners, we can link marquees together so that you can create L,T,and U shape configurations.

Uneven or sloping sites
In almost all cases, uneven or sloping sites or sites with different levels, can be overcome by wooden/steel flooring systems, extension legs and link walkways.

Poorly drained or wet sites
We would always recommend laying a wooden flooring system to ensure the marquee flooring remains dry.

Attaching a marquee to a building
It is possible is to abut the marquee close to a building (subject to such factors as dowpipes or guttering) leaving a slight gap between the two which we cover with guttering so if, in the event of rain, guests do not get wet.

Incorporating outdoor features
Sometimes we come across sites where there are trees, shrubs, fountains and even swimming pools that are located within the proposed location of the marquee. Subject to their height, we can normally incorporate such features within the marquee structure.