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Advice | Weather

The most unpredictable factor for any marquee event is the weather. Making sure the conditions within the marquee are comfortable for guests is important. There is nothing worse if guests are too cold or too hot.

The other factor to consider is the change in temperature during the course of an event. A nice May day can be 17 degrees during the day and drop to 5 or 6 degrees during the evening.

Insuring against wet weather

  • All our marquees are water proof.
  • Where marquees are joined together, a guttering system is installed between the marquees to prevent rain ingress.
  • A flooring system will elevate the finished floor within the marquee off the ground ensuring it remains dry in the event of rain.
  • Walkways provide a covered link for guests. There is the added option of these being enclosed.

Insuring against cold weather

  • We can install effective and safe heaters that are thermostatically controlled allowing you to control the internal temperature within the marquee. Based on the anticipated outdoor temperature and the size of the marquee, we can calculate the correct level of heating that you require for your event.
  • Minimising the number of entrance and exit points into the marquee or having a proper entrance door system rather than leaving open a section of the marquee walling helps retain heat.
  • Solid insulated walling and glazed walling provides a extra thermal insulation.
  • Having ancillary marquees, ie catering or reception marquees, linked to the main marquee also reduces heat loss.

Insuring against hot weather
Any section of walling can be opened up or completely removed to provide air circulation, so a marquee can potentially be just a canopy.

Installing air conditioning for your event will provide a controlled internal temperature providing a pleasant environment for guests but it is a costly option.

High winds
Our marquees can remain in position with wind speeds of up to 65 mph. In the event of winds exceeding this level, guests should be asked to leave the marquee and the marquee should be taken down. The particular characteristics of the site should be taken into account, ie an open exposed site compared to an enclosed wind protected site.


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