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Latest Events | Marquees for tight spaces

If you can, do try and allow space for us to work beside the marquee when we are installing...but if you can't...well... you can't!

This was one of our tighter installs - a walled garden not much wider than the marquee (neighbours kindly allowed us to install the roofs from their side of the wall) with a rise up steps of 64cm. 3m high legs on the first bay enabled us to keep the apex of the roof at a constant height throughout the marquee giving a great sense of height as people entered from the house.

To maximise the space for the client (her garden was just under 9m in length), we placed a 1.5m bay on the end giving an overall area of 4.5m x 7.5m which also gave space for a heater behind the marquee.

All the marquee components were carried through the house (including internal stairs)...without incident! Although taking double the time of a usual install of this size, the result was appreciated by the client.

After shopping around widely for a marquee company I settled on Countess because they were the only guys that really seemed able to deliver what I wanted. I needed to create additional dancefloor space for my party in my London terrace house so decided to enclose the garden. This was not an easy thing to do, however as the garden is narrow, densely planted and only accessible through the house. Countess delivered brilliantly; very helpful in terms of giving advice on the phone, prompt to turn up and hardworking to get the job done right. I ended up with a garden transformed into a mini Studio 54 nightclub which gave my party exactly the kind of glamorous lift and touch of magic that I was looking for