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Marquees are perfect for occasions where you want to use your home for personal reasons but you don’t have quite enough space. This marquee was used for a reception of family members after a Jewish Naming Ceremony - amidst cold April showers.

The client really wanted a canopy but as April never warmed as expected, she opted for window walls that gave the feeling of being outside along with heating that gave the impression of a much warmer day!

The heating was provided by a diesel fuelled indirect heater placed behind the marquee. Ducting provided thermostatically controlled heating into the marquee through a vent near the bottom of one of the marquee walls. Please see photos to the right showing the heater and the vent.

The marquee is unlined showing the metal framework supporting the PVC covers - if preferred, these can be covered with ivory, white or black linings and leg covers.

“The marquee was great! I don't know what I would have done without it.” Susan











inside marquee

inside marquee

heater duct

heating in marquee